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How Can We Help You?

Here at Lively Stones we are here to help our community. Please choose from the list below on how we can help you today.

Prayer Call

Please join us for a prayer call with Lively Stones C.O.G.I.C. We will update you on our next phone prayer. Once we have announced our next prayer call please dial the number below and once prompted, enter the access code provided.
Access Code: 235-707

Free Food & Clothing

Are you and your family in need of food and clothing? Here at lively Stones we are happy to help your family provide some life necssities. Please join us at Lively Stones C.O.G.I.C every Sunday at 1:00pm to receive a free meal and slighly used clothes.

Prayer Reqest

Do you have a prayer request you would like our Pastor to pray with you about? Please submit your prayer request below and we will make sure we include your request in our next service.
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