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Our even will be held in front of the church - 735 E. 134th Street ~ Chicago, IL 60827

Come help us make our church look better to go with our new and up coming Community. When the cause is just and the Christian spirit is there, the asking is easier. As we have mentioned in recent Sunday worship services, the Lively Stones Church needs your help in making it a better place to serve you. Your time, your prayers, and your gifts are all essential. We pray that you may give in proportion to the great need. Our church aspire to stengthen our witness for Christ in our community.

It all depens upon your help. {Any donations for are welcome} Thanks May God Bless You...

Fried Catfish Dinner Hot Dog Nacho with meat free Clothes Cookies Green Beans Fried Chicken Dinner POP Free School Supplies & book fair

Join our mailing list: Keep up with Lively Stones COGIC 3 point shot out ------ 3 out of 6 $10.00---------------2 out of 5 $5.00-----------------1 out of 4 $2.00 Phone Number- 1-(773)-236-8789...

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